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    The brilliant Nick Cave visited our exhibition, Satyricon & Munch yesterday. Thank you for your interest, Sir. The last day of the exhibition is August 28th.
    8 hours ago Bertha Martínez 5
    💖 Love Nick and love Satyricon 🖤
    8 hours ago Manny Silva 5
    What an honor!!
    8 hours ago Cody Birse 2
    I love how this photo looks like someone noticed it was him on the way out and was like QUICK GET A PICTUREQ
    7 hours ago Elaine Delapore
    Cody Birse indeed 😂
    7 hours ago Andy Lopez 3
    I wonder his thoughts, on the exhibit and the music composition.
    7 hours ago Oscar Aceves
    Andy Lopez invite in my group of metal
    7 hours ago Helge André Hafstad 1
    I was the day before and I gotta say, what an amazing experience! Good job & thank you! 🥳
    7 hours ago Nikk MacRae 13
    Imagine a Nick Cave and Satyricon collaboration
    4 hours ago Fee Bee
    Dave Atkins
    4 hours ago Dave Atkins
    Fee Bee I would lose my shit!!!
    4 hours ago Fee Bee 1
    Dave Atkins 😆🫠
    4 hours ago Dave Atkins
    Fee Bee I’m actually a little too excited at just the thought of that…
    2 hours ago Per Øistein Nordtug
    Nikk MacRae Oh! That would be SOOO amazing!
    1 hour ago Stacy Holdren
    that NEEDS to happen 🤩
    4 hours ago Bjørn Næsje 1
    The two bands/persons I’d really liked to meet at one place….. #missedopportunity Could you please do some music together? The darkness of that …..
    3 hours ago Alberto Cabrera Arenas
    Great Nick cave,!, Where the wild roses grow!
    8 hours ago Oik Wasfuk
    And the bad seeds ... walk the path of sorrow ....
    7 hours ago Mikko Ville Valjento
    Very cool. Congrats!
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    Mark Osegueda and Anja Garbarek (for the second time), visiting the Satyricon & Munch exhibition yesterday. Not long left now. The last opening day is August 28th. Munchmuseet
    3 days ago Hervé Girod 1
    Just saw it yesterday. It’s great! The paintings and the music really fit well together! And I love that we enter the room in almost pitch dark
    3 days ago Andreas Oelke
    We‘ve been there too last saturday during our honeymoon in norway. It was really great and atmospheric and left us speechless and very impressed! 👍
    Thanks for creating this piece of art!
    Will order the vinyl now.
    3 days ago Ewa Flockhart
    A splendid concept. I think it could do extremely well as a travelling exhibition. I know many people who’d love to see it in London, myself included.
    3 days ago Dennis Kring
    Frida & I
    had the pleasure of that masterful display of and art exhibition on Saturday.
    I still can’t find the words to describe or the words that make it justice.  I’m left with a profound thank you for making this and a thankfulness for sharing this with the world. Kind regards
    Frida&Dennis #supportyourlocalBM&finearts
    3 days ago WO UT
    Damn, her contributions on "Volcano" are epic! "Pernicious flow, redemptive perpetuity
    Unholy drive, the gods arrogant grin
    If my world's a joke, do you see them smile?
    Hellbound me - on a throne of gold"
    3 days ago Sean McConnell 1
    Mark is cool guy.
    2 days ago Nadien Lavell
    It was beautiful!
    3 days ago Curtis Hurley
    I wanna hear all about it someday!
    3 days ago René Hansen
    Any chance that the exhibition will be prolonged?
    3 days ago Matt Walker
    If I could fly to Oslo right now to see this exhibit, I would be so happy.
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    Cover story in French magazine Metallian about the Satyricon & Munch exhibition and the album release of the music from the exhibition. Satyricon & Munch is open to the public every day in Oslo and the last day is August 28th. The album is available now on all streaming services and physical format can be preordered through the website of @napalmrecordsofficial
    2 weeks ago Geoff Raye 4
    Just got to see the exhibit this week! Highlight of my time in Oslo, letting the music wash over me in a dimly lit room. Definitely recommended.
    2 weeks ago Laura Klimbe 1
    Lovely experience in the museum, 🖤 the exhibition. Album is great too.
    2 weeks ago Cat Morris 1
    Love love love the album!
    2 weeks ago Jimmie Olausson 1
    LOVED the exhibition!
    2 weeks ago Aaron Arnold
    Nice. I lost interest in metal until I saw The Pentagram Burns on YouTube.
    2 weeks ago Alex Necroposer
    Aaron Arnold omg
    2 weeks ago Romina Lapoza
    Genios totales👏👏👏👏🖤
    2 weeks ago Celta Furioso
    2 weeks ago Konrad Lipiarski 2
    hello, this is not what we expected from this album, it is known that you released something but this is a joke. people who write comments what a great album this is in their life probably did nothing else than smoking crack. What is going on with you guys? Is it affected by the disease? Whether you feel tired or lack an idea. I know it's not easy to record and release an album but the last album,You know.
    But I still believe You can release great album or more than one like albums from past
    2 weeks ago Alejandra Giordano
    GlemDa Og Freya 😍
    2 weeks ago GlemDa Og Freya
    Alejandra Giordano sempre fascinoso 😍
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    Today a year has flown by since the passing of our beloved friend, Joey. We miss you and hope that you have found peace brother. 📷NRK
    2 weeks ago Balogh Tomi 8
    He is the best drummer in the world 🤘 Drummer from hell, but he always a God 🤘☠️
    2 weeks ago Eddie BM 8
    Balogh Tomi There are other much better drummers 🤦
    2 weeks ago Balogh Tomi 7
    Eddie BMThat's my opinion my friend🙏
    2 weeks ago Dennis Hess 1
    Eddie BM https://www.musicrad...-25-years-270459 A lot of people think he is one of the best ...
    2 weeks ago Jacob Weers
    Eddie BM opinions don't compensate for skill
    2 weeks ago Jacob Weers 3
    Eddie BM he was skilled and very popular that's why he earned that spot but he is far from one of the best
    2 weeks ago Pierre-luc Champion 1
    Eddie BM frost for example was way better
    2 weeks ago Jacob Weers 3
    Pierre-luc Champion dominator was way better, truthfully ide venture to say maybe even hell hammer
    2 weeks ago Fando de Lis 2
    Jacob Weers of course Hellhammer is better drummer than Joey. By far.
    2 weeks ago Ryan Keith 10
    I met Joey when he drummed for you guys satyricon. At showcase theater in Corona, CA three inches of blood opened up for you
    2 weeks ago Andrew Daugherty 4
    Joey was definitely the best member of that band, no debate. Still a kick in the gut he's gone. RIP
    2 weeks ago Anita Victoria Lund 1
    Oh! Sorry for yr loss R.i.p.
    (see ya on the other side)
    A lot's of love, then ❤
    2 weeks ago Arnaud Reichen
    One of the greatest drummers ever. Rest In Peace 🖤
    2 weeks ago Adrian Macias
    I was so fortunate to see him play with you all on your 2005 us tour.
    2 weeks ago Tim Roundtree 1
    Adrian Macias same
    2 weeks ago Viviann Olivarez 3
    💔RIP #JOEYJORDISON #1 We miss you..
    2 weeks ago Vlad IV Levocula 1
    Rest in Power Joey 🙁
    2 weeks ago Javier Muerte
    RIP Joey🙏
    2 weeks ago Andrea Castagnotti 1
    Amazing pic, even kinder words 🖤
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    Getting to the bottom of Satyricon and Munch in the new issue of Germany’s Legacy - The Voice From The Dark Side Magazine.
    1 month ago Stefan Lauwers 1
    Just visited the exhibition yesterday!
    1 month ago Mohd Elyaz 1
    I miss old Sytricon image
    1 month ago Paul Ericson
    Once you've seen Satyricon live you don't forget.
    1 month ago Martin Meyr
    Trotz lesebrille und Lupe
    Fällt es mir leider sehr schwer diese Zeitschrift zu lesen...
    (Schriftgröße ist ein joke)
    schade,bin wohl langsam zu alt dafür😆
    1 month ago Romina Lapoza
    1 month ago Celta Furioso
    1 month ago Marisol Sanchez Estrada
    1 month ago John Coffee
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    Visit from an old friend at the Satyricon & Munch exhibition today.
    1 month ago Tamer Salem Al Shawa 9
    A hail from me a Syrian Metal Head goes out to you both Satyr & Samoth
    Hail Norwegian Black Metal
    Keep the underground music alive
    Hail …/M\
    1 month ago Ard Roothans 9
    Legends! Time to throw in the Nightside Eclipse and Dark Medieval Times on the turntable, back to back.
    1 month ago Jasper Friso 2
    Ard Roothans (but he also played bass on The Shadowthrone)
    1 month ago Hayley Johnsen 3
    Satyrs gone full normcore
    1 month ago Carl Barry
    Hayley Johnsen holy that's too funny and true 😂 Normcore!
    1 month ago Deborah Burgman
    Hayley Johnsen I have to admit I was thinking the same! 😆
    1 month ago Mina Jakzkomina
    Hayley Johnsen try to make such fucking masterpieces when it comes to music, then comment outfits 😊
    1 month ago Henning Svendsen
    Hayley Johnsen fun fact: Samoth utfordret en kompis til sverdkamp way back. Han jeg kjenner aksepterte og siden hørte han ikke noe mer 😅
    1 month ago Stijn Verstraete 1
    No way! We sat in the exposition at that time enjoying your musical take on the Munch paintings. 😳😨
    1 month ago Anita Victoria Lund 1
    Love yr music, passion &
    attitude. A masterpiece !
    \m/ 🔥
    1 month ago Lex Herrera 4
    Excellent work in the Shadowthrone 👌👌👌
    1 month ago Giuli RealMe
    I can't tell through words how i miss a Satyricon show...maybe Just with Heart❤️ Every album Is pure Masterpiece. Please start soon a Tour in Italy🌟🌟🌟
    1 month ago Chel Logan 1
    Where can I get an exhibition catalogue for this please ? Munch is one of my favourite painters ever!!!
    1 month ago David Paul Hunt Hargreaves 1
    Chel Logan if you get one, or manage details, let me know... maybe save on postage for 2 :-)
    1 month ago Anita Victoria Lund 2
    Real friendship; will never die ! \m/
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    This is Frost from Satyricon. The man of the day. You can listen to one of his many ways of expressing himself at the exhibition Satyricon & Munch Munchmuseet or listen to the music from the exhibition on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all the other streaming platforms. You can also preorder the music in physical format through Napalm Records
    1 month ago Paul Wierobski 7
    Frost is an animal behind the drums. Best Metal Drummer ever👍🤘🏻🥁
    1 month ago Carl Rings 1
    Happy Birthday Frost, keep on banging those drums! 🍻🍻
    1 month ago Sam Sin Cara
    Frost, the man responsible for some of the most memorable drum fills and patterns in the entire history of extreme music, also responsible of my entire obsession with air drumming in the office all day. HFBD.
    1 month ago Alex Huck
    Congratulations to the one and only. And this photo is simply crazy. Good job Mr. Ixtlan 👌
    1 month ago Dave Mick
    That was a confusing first sentence. I thought you were saying you are Frost, but then referred to yourself in third-person.
    1 month ago Ryan Olson 1
    Hails and cheers Frost!!! ⚔️🤘🔥🤘⚔️
    1 month ago Jack Norman
    Best drummer ever and a God amongst the insects!
    1 month ago Tolis Tolis
    Happy Birthday!😈🤘🔥
    1 month ago Elena Gulina
    Happy birthday Frost!
    1 month ago David Bollinger
    Happy Birthday! Stay brutal!
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    If you need a timeout from the heat Tons Of Rock, you can visit the exhibition Satyricon & Munch at Munchmuseet Located only 2.5 kilometres from the main stage at the festival site and open until 21.00 both today and tomorrow.
    1 month ago Isabella Ottawa 1
    Done that - it was absolutely amazing 🖤
    1 month ago Christopher Vader
    Was Satyricon supposed to play Tons of Rock too?
    1 month ago Mickey Pudney
    I would take it this next pressing to have some dsbm elements to it
    2 weeks ago Uriel Gonzalez 1
    Mickey recommended
    1 month ago Mickey Pudney
    Edvard correct
    1 month ago Hlynur Freyr Vigfusson 1
    Hrafnbergur Freyr Hlynsson
    2 weeks ago Юрий Ступенько
    1 month ago Luca Hans Betti
    Very impressive!
    2 weeks ago Uriel Gonzalez
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    We’re running through the vinyl test press of Satyricon & Munch. Plenty of headroom and dynamics! Preorder the physical copies of the music through Napalm Records and go visit the exhibition @ Munchmuseet!

    1 month ago Никола Павловић 1
    Amazing release . Every time you do not record Black Metal you make something good., like with Phoenix song.
    1 month ago Lorne Wallenius
    What I would give to have that in my collection!!
    1 month ago Ole Martin Storstad Jessen
    Biking to this is awesome! Love it! 🤟
    1 month ago Oskar Pålsson
    What does the deluxe box contains?? Cant find any info.
    1 month ago Thijs Heesters
    Looking forward to both the record and the exhibit!
    1 month ago Jorgen VocalCoach
    Can't wait to have one copy <3
    1 month ago Michael Attilio
    Satyricon anyway one of those test copies can go to a huge fan? Lol
    1 month ago Tony Monts
    Looks warped lol
    1 month ago Wolfgang Metallizer
    What does "plenty of headroom and dynamics" mean?
    1 month ago Pieter Van Wezemael
    Dynamics are the differences between most silent and loudest parts in the recording. Headroom typically refers to power reserves on your playback system. Not sure how you press the latter in to vinyl.
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    Today we’ve been doing a bit of filming inside the Satyricon & Munch exhibition for an upcoming episode of ESP Presents by ESP Guitars. In this episode we will share insight on the exhibition, the music in particular and of course this outlandish guitar their U.S Custom Shop built for Satyr. Go visit the exhibition at Munchmuseet in Oslo, Norway until August 28th, listen to the music on all streaming services worldwide, and preorder your physical copies from Napalm Records. 📷 Marius Viken
    1 month ago Gökay Tıbık
    I'm waiting, really nice work with this ambiance most probably it would be a deep driven Paths of experience that I want to have much. Tkae care yourself and be safe Satyr 😊🍻🤘😎
    1 month ago Nicolas Da Silva Pereira
    A bit of filming at the Alcatraz festival in Belgium would be great too!! 🤘🤘🤘
    1 month ago Pagan Tym
    i wish it was black metal but i did not like it
    1 month ago Dumitru Dumitrache 1
    For crying out loud! Let Munch rest in peace already!
    1 month ago Casi Blaabjerg
    Dumitru Dumitrache what do you mean?
    1 month ago Dumitru Dumitrache
    Casi Blaabjerg They are using a great artist to keep ppl interested in them.And Edvard Munch is way above their league. It is just bad taste.
    1 month ago Pamoyanan Wonderfull
    Karya yang bagus
    1 month ago Florian Charniers
    🤮 please stop and play mother North. Forgive your plaisure ! So poor.
    1 month ago Wiz Hedgard
    Florian Charniers lol, learn music before you troll here
    1 month ago Wiz Hedgard
    Jag har lyssnat på detta spår minst 10 gånger det senaste dygnet - det är det bästa jag hört på länge, TACK! Nu måste jag ta bilen till Oslo och uppleva allt på plats. Om ni kommer till Stockholm och lirar den som en "one song concert" i en mörk källare så kommer ni göra många fans glada... Nu måste jag spela den igen.

    2 weeks ago Юрий Ступенько
    1 month ago Luca Hans Betti
    That's awesome! Congratulations!
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    Satyr sharing some insight on Satyricon & Munch.
    Satyricon & Munch is out now. Stream and Download it here:
    Physical Pre-Order starts now:
    1 month ago Tommy Lejon 3
    The music works exceptionally well even outside it’s context, as a dark and gloomy soundtrack to everyday life. Wish I would get the chance to enjoy the full exhibition though!
    1 month ago Gerald G. Odrauts 3
    Personally, I was musically surprised by this work and even more so by having to listen non-stop and without interruptions.
    , from the beginning it seemed very different and very pleasant to me and reaching the end I understood perfectly and realized that despite being something quite far from what SATYRICON does, I must be sincere and applaud this work that if it intended to create an atmosphere, it succeeded At least to my ears and by the time I heard it, I think it's very close to a Dungeon Synth style (musical style that I really enjoy)
    so for my part congratulations to SATYRICON for this piece
    I have enjoyed it a lot every time I listen to it and it is special for gray and rainy days
    greetings from Chile 🤘
    1 month ago Hidde Vd Berg
    Gerald G. Odrauts it reminds of godspeed your black Emperor. But with a much darker vibe.
    1 month ago Bryan Eckermann 3
    I found this music work to be exceptional even on it's own without being able to attend the exhibition. I understand why some might not like it per se, but I think most that will criticize the heaviest did not listen to it in it's entirety. It is a magnificent musical journey if you just allow it to be what it is and envelope yourself into the mood it presents. My opinion
    1 month ago Nora Lötscher 2
    I‘ll be in Oslo at the end of August so I‘m trying not to listen to the music before that. Very curious though and excited I get to see the exhibition!
    1 month ago Miriyam Mactíre 1
    I'll be in Oslo mid August. What museum is it at? I definitely want to view it.
    1 month ago Kim Kleven 1
    Miriyam Mactíre
    1 month ago Bálint István 2
    The new album is great. Awesome this atmosphere.
    1 month ago Jeff Binns 2
    Hey let's get it straight I love you guys but frankly this is just noise, if I wanted ambient black metal I'd listen to mare cognitium or midnight Odyssey 10 times more than this. I'll say it again - it's not for me, if it's for you good for you!
    1 month ago Gökay Tıbık
    It is nice to have you following up 📬 and trying to answer the curiosity. Maybe in further videos I might have my more direct answers. Cheers and Skål 🍻🤘😎and good luck for everything🤗
    .And I want to add something, You said you are trying to keep the album in exhibition level, neutral for free interpretation of guests. In my opinion album level could be more personal soul about what Satyricon feels and thinks. So it could be partially tracks of maybe additional vocals if you want, in short freely whatever you want. This music is for Munch Museet but album is only yours. Hope to see you soon, cheers again😊🍻🤘
    1 month ago Lola Vaughn
    I've never been more ready to experience something in my life.
  • 2 months ago by

    Satyricon & Munch at Munchmuseet in Oslo, Norway. It is there until August 28 and you have to see this. You really do. Listen to the music on all streaming services right now and preorder the music in physical format through Napalm Records. Stream and Download it here:
    Physical Pre-Order starts now:
    1 month ago Dimitri Daskalopoulos 2
    I visited the exhibition last week. Definitely worth your time. An extremely good match.
    2 months ago Kgaogelo Mndawe
    Maybe record label put you under pressure....why such album though
    2 months ago Greg Baltzer 7
    Kgaogelo Mndawe yeah, because the record label smelled commercial appeal, and top 40 radio play, with this album🙄
    1 month ago Dirk Züchner
    Kgaogelo Mndawe Radio Play? Without vocals? It's a soundtrack, nice for depressive people, but not Satyricon.
    1 month ago Everett Wayne Necessary
    Dirk Züchner
    1 month ago Deby Debreczeny
    Sigurd"Satyr"Wongraven +10-15 kg and long hair is the winner. Short hair is NOT GOOD, not authentic. Good music!👍
    1 month ago Lukas Galler
    First week of August I head to Oslo to visit the exhibition and then over to Bergen, Beyond the gates festival. So sad you can't play there but I'm really looking forward to this exhibition. And to me the soundtrack sounds killer! Something different. Why not. Greetings from Austria!
    1 month ago Gökay Tıbık
    Sometimes I really need a subtitle to simplify the more meanings. 🙄Out of this I like the song, becomes my night song 😊and looking forward to experience this room 😊 in time.🍻🤘😎
    1 month ago Ruben Bastidas
    Y como lo haces, es genial, éxitos
    1 month ago Gisele Pérez
    Stay Safe and be Well *
    2 months ago Ulla Schrelle 1
    Went there in May, the experience was larger than words. Can only just recommend it. 🖤
    2 months ago Luca Hans Betti

  • 2 months ago by

    Satyricon & Munch. Preorder your physical copies from Napalm Records. Records are no different than everything else right now, so expect long delivery times, but when they come, they will be well worth the wait. That’s for sure! Listen to the music now on your favourite streaming service and go see the exhibition Satyricon & Munch at Munchmuseet in Oslo, Norway.  Physical Pre-Order starts now:
    2 months ago Sam Paschall 8
    Change your band name. I'm looking for True Norwegian Black Metal.
    2 months ago Nichlas Sæther Håvik 6
    Sam Paschall not their responsibility to scatch your itches
    2 months ago Vadim Akindin
    2 months ago Corey Joseph 5
    Excited that you’ve created an instrumental work and you’re challenging your listeners to open their minds to something a little less traditional than what they/we were expecting. This is art without boundaries.
    2 months ago Zsolt Bocsi 2
    Corey Joseph i think you can clearly hear the tones of i en svarte kiste here. I haven't found it that disturbing. I think the problem is most of the fans are looking for cheesy songs like K.I.N.G and black crow on the tombstone and they are disappointed now
    2 months ago Douglas Wood 11
    Im pretty open minded about music but this was just boring
    2 months ago Carl Barry 1
    Douglas Wood 100%
    2 months ago Giørgi Khazaradze 6
    Amazing work! 🖤
    It's like Transcendental Requiem of Slaves + Wongraven side project works (56 minutes long). Medieval Dark ambient/Drone Industrial and Satyricon-ish BM atmosphere. Worth to buy it! Stunning album! I will definitely get it on LP 🖤🤘
    2 months ago Zsolt Bocsi
    Giørgi Khazaradze exactly
    2 months ago Encho Antonov 23
    I never buy this. This is not Satyricon.
    2 months ago Gianfranco Mancusi
    Encho Antonov lol
    2 months ago Manuel Toedem 3
    Encho Antonov yeah cuz middle aged Bulgarians know what is and what is not Satyricon obviously. Who these Satyr and Frost people think they are, let Antonov handle the songwriting next time
    2 months ago Patrick Von D. Nebiroth
    2 months ago Patrick Von D. Nebiroth
    I expected more, more sonorous violence, vocals and guitars, not instrumental experiences, anyway..
    2 months ago Nichlas Sæther Håvik 2
    Encho Antonov I mean... It is though.
    2 months ago Christopher O. Sørlie 4
    Encho Antonov This is, in fact, an official Satyricon release, making it, quite firmly, Satyricon.
    2 months ago Waldemar Marek 1
    Encho Antonov You're right bro. The reference to art is pure commercialism. Ambient black metal albums like Burzum from the 90s or Old Sorcery are a class higher or two. I miss the atmosphere of Dark Medieval Times and the Shadowthrone. Nothing new has been discovered here. I'm afraid there will be a satyricon funeral soon as it happened with Manes or Dodheimsgaard.
    2 months ago Waldemar Marek
    Manuel Toedem How silly. I'm Polish. Most Bulgarians can judge whether something is shit or not. You can smell it from afar. I will say more such a simpleton like Manuel can also ....
    2 months ago Passa Ran 2
    Waldemar Marek pure commercialism would be continually doing dark medieval times or shadow throne. Commercialism is doing what is popular and most likely to sell so this new release is the opposite of commercial. Satyricon are always trying to do new things and I’m glad for that. For me Rebel Extravagance is their best album but I’m glad the albums don’t all sound like that.
    2 months ago Marina Gruber 5
    Is there a chance for a good new album in the future? It's so sad to see my once favorite band change into something so boring....I'm not saying it's bad, but there hasn't been anything exciting about the last few albums.
    2 months ago Loki Thorns 5
    @satyricon This is an interesting listen. Do you guys plan to release something more traditional style wise anytime soon?
    2 months ago Didier Mathieu 6
    I regret this change, really disappointed on this
    2 months ago Adam Ward 1
    Didier Mathieu you understand this was for an art exhibition, nothing to do with metal? It's not a new album, its a release of what they did for the exhibition, you understand that yes?
    2 months ago Chad Engle
    Adam Ward of course not!! Neither did ALOT of people..narrow minds, unfortunately,to think this was going to be the typical SATYRICON affair..
    I mean,look at what VARG did?
    2 months ago Didier Mathieu 1
    Adam Ward yes i know that it was but i dont like it
    2 months ago Didier Mathieu 1
    Chad Engle tagueulle connard...
    2 months ago Chad Engle
    Didier Mathieu wow..talking shit in another language makes you look even lamer for not having an open mind..don't forget your clown shoes on your way out
    2 months ago Jeremy Faulkner
    Chad Engle it’s interesting you keep using Varg as a defense for this album. Enjoy the super deluxe box set lol
    2 months ago Chad Engle
    Jeremy Faulkner simply a reference,not a defense.."keep"? Ok,how about ULVER? just taking the onus off of VARG..."HAIL ULVERICON" 🤣
    2 months ago Jeremy Faulkner
    Chad Engle you’re doing Ulver a disservice by bringing them into this conversation.
    2 months ago Chad Engle
    Jeremy Faulkner 🤡..just like I told Didier, don't forget your clown shoes on your way out. Cheers, mate!
    1 month ago Rui Filipe 1
    If people are annoyed by this so different sounding Satyricon, I’m sure they never were around the time when Moonfog Prods were releasing bands so outrageously “different” as Dodheimsgard, Wongraven and more notably Thorns which had released their self titled LP around 2001, one of my favorite Norwegian Black Metal albums, filled with atmospheric tracks and glorious anthems “composed” with martial precision.
    Want more BM blasphemy? Listen to the Thorns vs Emperor LP.
    4 weeks ago Dave Blair 1
    Rui Filipe or check out the Finish scene they destroy anything from Norway as of late
    2 months ago Ed Vard 2
    This is a fine piece of dark atmosferic and ambient musick. I don't understant how many people are complaining and not being open minded about art of any kind.
  • 2 months ago by

    The music from the art exhibition, Satyricon & Munch, is OUT NOW in album format on all streaming services worldwide! Head over to Napalm Records to place your preorder on physical format. Stream and Download it here:
    Physical Pre-Order starts now:
    2 months ago Tomas Zasas 14
    Listened on spotify, just not for me this music, waiting normal album 🙂
    2 months ago Steve Bauer 10
    This felt more like a Neptune Towers album but with a little bit more structure. This is most definitely a black metal album just not in the traditional sense, it's a dark ambient album really. The atmosphere is there, the composition is there, there are no hooks or really anything memorable and it is not immediately accessible. What surprised me was that there are no vocals - I have to say that disappointed me. The album is purposely repetitive much in the same way Varg used repetition in his early albums in order to create an image and feeling, so good job there. It's a very brave album to release and I'm sure it took a lot of planning to execute this as one long track instead of the traditional album format. Sadly, my biggest disappointment is with the non-utilization of Frost. The drums are almost tribal on this record which is different in a good way, but quite honestly it could have been a drum machine doing the work. Not one ounce of Frost's personality or capability came through here, it could have been anybody and no one would have known the difference. You have the best black metal drummer on earth and he is totally wasted on this release. Enjoyable release but this probably won't be a repeat listen in the months and years that follow.
    2 months ago Casi Blaabjerg
    Steve Bauer It was made for an exhibition though. It's 56 minutes long. It's made for carefully selected paitings. It's made to bring an atmosphere. You can't change it with lyrics depending on it being in a museum or on your computer. It wouldn't be the same piece. I can promise you you wouldn't say the same if you actually saw the exhibition in person.
    2 months ago Chad Engle 2
    Casi Blaabjerg people can't digest the fact that this isn't,and wasn't meant to be,a typical SATYRICON album..SATYR had a particular vision for MUNCH'S works,and folks thought it to be translated in a traditional Black Metal form..KUDOS to them for looking beyond the immediate..
    2 months ago Jeremy Faulkner
    Chad Engle maybe so but it should have been released under a different name. Like the new Blood Incantation album. These sorts of ‘experiments’ just end up alienating fans.
    2 months ago Chad Engle
    Jeremy Faulkner why do you think they included MUNCH'S name in the title? Everyone should be able to figure it out. Even the samples SATYR put out should've been an indicator that this isn't the "standard affair"
    2 months ago Jeremy Faulkner 1
    Chad Engle I think most people did figure it out. I just don’t think they were expecting it to be THAT far removed from what they would normally expect from a Satyricon album - which is ripping metal.
    2 months ago Chad Engle
    Jeremy Faulkner as opposed to certain BURZUM albums? You're just sad because it isn't what you expected..this release should be teaching folks not to be soo assuming..the worst habit ever as a music fan..CHEERS🤘🏻💀🍻 and I'm sure they have a surprise coming..just a hunch🤔and if not,oh well!
    2 months ago Jeremy Faulkner
    Chad Engle I’m not sad at all. The last great Satyricon album IMO was Rebel Extravaganza so it’s been a long time between drinks lol
    2 months ago Richie Junsui
    Steve Bauer I get your point, I heard Neptune Towers here and there as well as Wongraven at places. Maybe, this could be released as a new record for the later, but that probably would have not fit either. On the bright side, this a strong statement about, on the one hand, who truly Satyricon is as a unit indistinctly of Frost's "inputs" and, on the other, how they are ready to do what ever the fuck they feel to (Ulver vibes). In the end, did I like the record? It's enjoyable for a spin every now and then.
    2 months ago Helge André Hafstad
    Steve Bauer rather than comparing this to neptune towers and varg I would think music from the likes of Jóhann Jóhannsson and others is better comparison. I really enjoyed this album. But for obvious reasons it will probably not be listed to as much as the more conventional albums of Satyricon. 🙂
    2 months ago Ronald Ronson 9
    Nice but not a normal satyricon album, will skip this 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️
    2 months ago Thorgeir Sharif
    Ronald Ronson listened to wongraven?
    2 months ago Thorgeir Sharif
    Ronald Ronson ps. So a band cannot evolve? BTW. Give therion a listen.. They have evolved not only once.. But all the time!
    2 months ago Ronald Ronson 2
    Thorgeir Sharif yes 👍
    2 months ago Ronald Ronson
    Thorgeir Sharif i didn’t say anything bad, just not enjoying this one. Nothing More or less 🤷🏻‍♂️
    2 months ago Jeremy Faulkner
    Thorgeir Sharif Therion suck lol
    2 months ago Thorgeir Sharif
    Jeremy Faulkner that was not the point... But if you can't be constructive, then stfu
    2 months ago Jeremy Faulkner 2
    Thorgeir Sharif what was your point? Just because a band evolves does not necessarily make them good.
    2 months ago Thorgeir Sharif
    Jeremy Faulkner giving an example of a band that has evolved quite a lot.
    I did not say they were good or bad.. That is on you.
    But maybe you should read a book or something, as you are annoying
    2 months ago Anton Kaliadzin 4
    For the exhibition this must be fine but we are waiting for Satyricon we loved
    2 months ago Sergio Llerena Caballero 2
    Since Volcano i'm still waiting for a good album from Satyricon. It's dissapointing how new album since Volcano is a boring experience
    2 months ago Jopo Pee 2
    😔😔😔 That is not my music or sound…
    2 months ago Barbara Kolanowska 1
    I have just finished listening and must admit I really missed the visual part of the project. It's really clear the music corresponds with some picture. I enjoyed it anyway. I have a feeling you guys took the spirit of the band and moved it to another level. Greta work! I couldn't have better start of the weekend 🖤
    2 months ago Laurent Boulouard 1
    Listening at the moment, this album is good... deep and far over most of average dark ambient... I mean : not excactly at the same level as Sorc'henn 😉 but in a suite similar path... on the way to the deepest of art ✨respect 🤘
    2 months ago Dumitru Dumitrache 1
    You are not even a pimple on Munch's @ss. Shut up!
    2 months ago Nichlas Sæther Håvik
    Dumitru Dumitrache you don't seem bitter at all
    2 months ago Carl Barry 1
    Nichlas Sæther Håvik He's not wrong. 🤷‍♂️
    2 months ago Dumitru Dumitrache
    Not at all. It is funny. I know who Munch was. Unlike these ppl. They think they know. But the fact they try to make use of his name for their gain says anything. Munch was a giant. These ppl are dwarfs.
    2 months ago Carl Barry 1
    Dumitru Dumitrache imposters even.
    2 months ago Elias Keranis 3
    Hail Brothers Satyr Frost and Munch🔥 we thank you !
  • 2 months ago by

    Satyricon & Munch, the album, available June 10th on all streaming services worldwide. That is tomorrow! Stream and Download it here:
    Physical Pre-Order starts now:
    2 months ago John Christian Karlsen 4
    I hope it's more exciting than the album cover!
    2 months ago Pio Toman 1
    John Christian Karlsen Asi to ani nebude Black Metal, ale mě to nevadí.
    2 months ago Saad Aldoseri
    i guess it's gonna be elevator music, you know? the one you hear on the elevators going up an down while you check yourself in the mirror and think about what you're gonna eat for breakfast at the hotel?...that one. It's called "ambient" these days.
    2 months ago José Leiva 1
    It ended to be exactly as the cover 🤣 🥱😴
    2 months ago Ryan M. Fritsche 8
    The album cover reminds me of The Prodigy- Music For the Jilted Generation
    2 months ago Cody Aeden Ro 1
    Ryan M. Fritsche had the same thought
    2 months ago Björn Larsson 1
    I think Munch did a split with Agatochles way back.
    2 months ago Antonio Barrote 1
    Björn Larsson this is probably the winner of the "best comment of the week" award!
    2 months ago Björn Larsson
    Antonio Barrote I'm honoured.
    2 months ago Robbin Groot 3
    This has nothing to do with the once so famous Norwegian black metal band Satyricon... it should be Wongraven & Munch.
    2 months ago Florent Boni 1
    Robbin Groot I totally agree with you. Where is Frost work on that project ?
    2 months ago Yorgos Papadopoulos
    Florent Boni Frost is ready to kick in anytime after minute 56 😃
    2 months ago Rob Mayou 2
    Genuinely had no expectations going into this but very DEFINITELY Satyricon which is very welcome. Can certainly appreciate this as a special project.
    2 months ago Chris Harrison 2
    Rob Mayou I feel life it should have been released under wongraven rather than satyricon...
    2 months ago Rob Mayou
    Chris Harrison agreed to a point but Satyricon has always been about Frost and Satyr anyway. There's no black metal band more uniquely placed than Satyricon to pull this sort of thing off. (That is if you would call Satyricon black these days.)
    2 months ago Russ Merullo
    2 months ago Eric Trybulski 4
    So this is an ambient album?
    2 months ago Lukas Wuttke 2
    Oh it's one song (56:07min) I actually love it so far. Some really dumb comments in this section but what do I expect of people..
    2 months ago Uta Violet 1
    Do you suggest to first hear it when visiting the exhibition? Or already before? I'm afraid to loose the surprising moment...
    2 months ago Stefan Pettersson 1
    Uta Violet I'm curious about this as well. I suspect the answer is to wait until visiting the exhibition.
    2 months ago Stephen Schleier
    Without the art this is no real music. It's really more a background noise with some melodic parts (which are not bad - but they missing something). Wongraven - Fjelltronen would be much better for listening or Storm – Nordavind. This is realy good stuff, but this.... not really - for the museum maybe but without context - not really.#
  • 2 months ago by

    Satyricon & Munch in album format is available on all streaming platforms worldwide on June 10th. Physical format preorders can be placed through Napalm Records on the same day. Satyricon & Munch is out now. Find your preferred platform here -
    2 months ago Jeffrey Niesing 3
    …instrumental album ?
    2 months ago Jeremy Sanchez
    Oh I have a hunch, breakfast dinner and lunch, would be so fun to munch if I had it with Satyricon
    2 months ago Makarenna Pizarro Noziglia 1
    the best band ever 💖💖 far the best Satyricon🖤 please come to Chile 🥺🥺🥺
    2 months ago Damián Morán Dauchez
    Listening right now… Do you have any idea what the contents of the Deluxe Box Set will be?
    2 months ago Alf Salte 1
    Satyrimunch 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻😂
    2 months ago Bianca Hellcat 1
    Is there any chance this exhibition will go on tour in Europe?
    2 months ago Christopher Vader
    Bianca Hellcat The band won't even go on tour anymore
    2 months ago Dylann DeAnna
    Don't normally care for instrumental albums but since it's Satyricon I'll check it out.
    2 months ago Brian Bentley
    Dylann DeAnna there's one good bit where the guitars sort of come in, put it on when you go to bed lol
    2 months ago Maria Agrimaki
    Please come to Greece!!!!!
    2 months ago Andrea Kasparek Porti
    Ma quello dell'urlo?
    2 months ago Richard Alan Smith
    I have a bad feeling about this
  • 2 months ago by

    It is release week and this is the front cover of the new Satyricon album. As communicated previously, this is the music from the exhibition Satyricon & Munch, currently on at the Munch museum in Oslo, Norway. This album is a consequence of the making of an art exhibition, but it became clear to us during the process, that the music in itself stands on its feet and therefore we also decided to make it into an album. So purpose made, yet with the unconditional ability to live its own life, and hence you will be able to enjoy it on all streaming platforms worldwide from June 10th.  Manufacturing time on physical products is extreme these days, so we are unable to give you a definite date on that, but the record company is preparing a wide variety of formats available to preorder simultaneously with the digital release on Friday. Lots of information will follow on the album in the next few days, so stay tuned. Photo: Pål Laukli
    2 months ago Vegard Svart 8
    I was in Munch museum and I'm waiting to listen again this Opus. Also waiting for cd release. Horns up and thanks to Satyr and Frost
    2 months ago Vallo Fabrizio 2
    You are so.........avantgard.....hope the feeling
    ..and the roots....never disappear.. hope the best for you all
    2 months ago Carl Barry 1
    Vallo Fabrizio avantgard ... until you listen to the actual music lol.
    2 months ago Thorgeir Sharif 2
    Vallo Fabrizio avantgarde..
    2 months ago Vallo Fabrizio
    Will listen it!!!!!!!!!
    2 months ago Carl Barry 1
    Thorgeir Sharif It's actually 'avant-garde' if you're triggered by spelling.
    2 months ago Thorgeir Sharif
    Carl Barry true... In English.. In Norwegian avantgarde is equally correct.
    2 months ago Carl Barry
    Thorgeir Sharif I don't care either way.
    2 months ago Thorgeir Sharif
    Carl Barry guess you are not into black metal then hahah...
    2 months ago Carl Barry
    Thorgeir Sharif not caring about how someone has spelled something is not an indication that I don't care about black metal. Or anything for that matter.
    2 months ago Thorgeir Sharif
    Carl Barry oh yes it is... (I am just kidding) Nothing wrong in telling that it is not avantgard though. :) People are so easily offended.
    2 months ago Chris Stewart 6
    This is awesome! I can't wait for the CD's to be made, I'll hold off on listening until that's done but I'm glad it'll happen someday
    2 months ago Dan Southall 5
    As a physical product purchaser I eagerly await the new album in all of its glory!
    2 months ago Saad Aldoseri 2
    WTF happened to metal ? I've been away from the scenes too long I guess. What's next? A Satyricon haute couture garden party at the Lions Club ?!
    2 months ago Saad Aldoseri
    2 months ago Thorgeir Sharif 1
    Lefteris Kefalas wongraven was not metal either.. But dark as...
    2 months ago Łukasz Gulak 1
    Plenty of bands still playing blastbeats and tremolo guitars out there, pal...
    2 months ago Bryan Blaikie 3
    Would be pretty cool to be able to experience the whole exhibit for those of us unable to travel there
    2 months ago Karol Specu Kuklinski
    Bryan Blaikie i don't think that taking Munch's original artwork for a worldwide tour is a good idea
    2 months ago Bryan Blaikie 3
    Karol Specu Kuklinski I agree 100 percent. I was thinking more along the lines of a VR tour, or DVD
    2 months ago Svetlana Majerova 2
    Looks like Lurch stuck under a bed sheet. Hopefully the music will be better than the cover.
    2 months ago Nata Villalba 5
    looks like an an*s
    2 months ago William Baird 2
    Nata Villalba beat me to it
    2 months ago Henrik Sørensen 7
    Someone needs glasses or a checkup on their behind 🤣
    2 months ago Nata Villalba 1
    Henrik Sørensen I'm not the only one
    2 months ago Manuel Toedem
    Nata Villalba sure it's not the mirror in the bathroom that you were looking at?
    2 months ago Dan Sieracki 2
    Love u guys but all i see here is a butt hole
    2 months ago Michael Brooke
    You’re on the wrong tab 😉
    2 months ago Joshua Parrish
    Dan Sieracki came here to say this
    2 months ago Fenri Súlfr
    Dan Sieracki saw the same but I tot iw as gonna get some "cos ur not a real artist" comment so just let it slide
    2 months ago Carl Barry 2
    Meh, I've had enough of the pomp and pretentiousness behind Satyricon these past years. I've bought them all, and only ones I listen to regularly are Rebel (a truely creative work) and earlier. You play at creativity and art and deepness, but where is the substance? Your music has been predictable and mundane for years now. But I'm a pathetic die-hard hopeful, and I'll probably still buy this. And like everything back to Volcano, I'll probably spin it once and shelve it for eternity. Le sigh.
  • 2 months ago by

    It is disappointing enough in itself, being unable to perform, so we don’t need certain concert promoters to lie about the reasons why on top of it. Here is what we have stated and this is the only truth and nothing but the truth: “We deeply regret to inform you that due to the severe effect the pandemic has had on Satyricon’s team consisting of live musicians and crew, the band is not able to perform live until further notice. Every possible effort has been made to find suitable replacements, but with no luck. The band and its support team will continue to make every possible effort to ensure its return to the stage in the future.”
    2 months ago Rob Robertson 22
    in Poland, there is no longer a pandemic problem, there is now a new problem on TV, wars in Ukraine, and rising inflation. 😑
    2 months ago Łukasz Gulak 19
    Rob Robertson The only problem in Poland is the government.
    2 months ago Gábor Fülöp 6
    Rob Robertson it always was big pharma / tech bullshit proganda
    2 months ago Dave Gibson 3
    Łukasz Gulak Isn't that the problem everywhere ?
    2 months ago Łukasz Gulak 3
    Dave Gibson It is, however a nationalistic catholic fundamentalist government breaking the constitution is on another level.
    2 months ago Artur Dolski
    Łukasz Gulak tru prze-tru!
    2 months ago Daniel Brandon
    Łukasz Gulak ...and all the Nazis
    2 months ago Pascal Hackbeil 1
    Rob Robertson Not only in Poland....
    2 months ago Rinaldo Yulfo 10
    Seen you guys in 2004 with Trym on drums and again in 2018 with Frost behind the kit! Both excellent performances and hope everything works out for you going forward!
    2 months ago Cynthia Bloodhair
    Rinaldo Yulfo he’s like “Why are you taking my photo”…. 😂😂 love it
    2 months ago Cynthia Bloodhair
    Rinaldo Yulfo Kjetil, my favorite drummer, he’s f’ing otherworldly…..
    2 months ago Rinaldo Yulfo 1
    Cynthia Bloodhair 2004 with Trym.
    2 months ago Rinaldo Yulfo
    Cynthia Bloodhair and this young dude! 😂
    2 months ago Cynthia Bloodhair
    Rinaldo Yulfo holy shit wow!!!! Lucky you!!!
    2 months ago Cynthia Bloodhair
    Rinaldo Yulfo Sigurd!!!
    2 months ago Cynthia Bloodhair
    This guy in the back is happy as shit to be in the pic lol!!!
    2 months ago Rinaldo Yulfo
    Cynthia Bloodhair back when he had that beautiful hair!!!
    2 months ago Cynthia Bloodhair
    lol my sons first concert when he was almost 13. Abbath and Obituary. October 2019….
    2 months ago Cynthia Bloodhair 1
    Rinaldo Yulfo his hair is still beautiful 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
    2 months ago Eric Walsh 4
    That is because you are being lied to by these people in power!!
    2 months ago Ken Friedrich 3
    Eric Walsh true but the same ppl that say this think that the government should oversee women’s bodies lol
    2 months ago Eric Walsh
    Ken Friedrich because they don't care about you! Right,Left! No difference!
    2 months ago Ken Friedrich
    Eric Walsh exactly
    2 months ago Jerad Ford 6
    I was really looking forward to your set in Vegas. Really hope you reschedule for next year
    2 months ago Rodrigo Lomba
    Jerad Ford did they officially canceled psycho las vegas?
    2 months ago Jerad Ford
    Rodrigo Lomba yes
    2 months ago Rodrigo Lomba
    Jerad Ford i don't see it anywhere though. This sucks..I wasn't gling but i feel for the people that were
    2 months ago Jerad Ford 1
    Rodrigo Lomba they sent an email to ticket holders. Monster Magnet had to cancel too, but that wasn’t surprising.
    2 months ago April Samels 4
    Oh no 😞 at least once you're all able to perform again it'll be fantastic! Can't wait to see you guys back in Australia in the future 🤟
    2 months ago Cynthia Bloodhair 1
    April Samels yea, Australia!!!
    2 months ago Nadien Lavell 1
    April Samels I am flying to Norway from Aus next month, partly to see Satyricon 💔 I will attend Satyricon Munch in Oslo though.
    2 months ago April Samels
    Nadien Lavell enjoy! I made the trip 9 years ago and missed the Opera performance by a month 🥲  Not sure if you've been before but make sure you take lots of money for food, I was so shocked by how expensive it was 😂
    2 months ago Cynthia Bloodhair
    Nadien Lavell lucky!!
    2 months ago Nadien Lavell
    April Samels I've got my own apartment in Bergen for a few weeks I'll use as bass camp and drive everywhere. I'm all sorted! Right near Kiwi supermarket and behind the Fantoft Stavkirke. ❤️🖤🇳🇴
    2 months ago Lincoln Brooks
    Nadien Lavell When is Satyricon playing in Australia?
    2 months ago Leopold Peeters 7
    Very disappointed I won't get to see you in Las Vegas. Please come back to the United States.
    2 months ago Nadien Lavell 4
    Devastating I won't see you at BTG in Bergen, but will be immersing myself in the Satyricon & Munch exhibition in Oslo. Until next time. 🖤🇳🇴🏔🍂
    2 months ago John Christian Karlsen 5
    Was it the effect of the pandemic or the effect of the lockdowns?
    2 months ago Stevie Lange 4
    John Christian Karlsen Were the lockdowns an effect of the pandemic?
    2 months ago Thay-Lee Sheen 7
    John Christian Karlsen many people have quit working in the music industry and now it's hard to find staff for tours (e.g. live musicians, technicians, roadies etc.).
    2 months ago John Christian Karlsen 5
    Stevie Lange did the lockdowns help in slowing down or stopping or preventing the pandemic or saving lives?
    2 months ago Stevie Lange
    John Christian Karlsen Hard to say as an amateur, especially when China can't be trusted, Australia, New Zealand and Japan are islands and everyone else I know of only started them after things had gone to shit. And in the case of Germany, they halfarsed that so badly...
    2 months ago Alexi Ruse 3
    John Christian Karlsen: "Yes".
    2 months ago Brian Doering 3
    John Christian Karlsen actually yea. Not without certain costs but yes, lockdowns do in fact save lives:
    2 months ago John Christian Karlsen 3
    Brian Doering fact check: huge portions of the population in Europe and the US got covid 19 regardless of lockdowns, hundreds of millions became sick despite lockdowns and widespread vaccination.
    2 months ago Brian Doering 2
    John Christian Karlsen of course but the data speaks for itself. Did you think a lockdown of any kind would literally result in 0 deaths?
    2 months ago John Christian Karlsen 6
    Brian Doering no of course not, I'm just saying that all it did was have a miniscule effect, if any at all and that we have only just started playing the price from locking down the global economy for almost 2 years.
    It wasn't worth it.
    2 months ago Brian Doering 2
    John Christian Karlsen perhaps but if you lost a loved one or your own life, you probably wouldn’t feel that way.
    2 months ago Nathan Jones Jones
    Good things come to those who wait Being in Australia ill be waiting a while lol Lucky to have seen them twice and fuck their great live
    2 months ago Nadien Lavell 1
    Nathan Jones Jones I've seen them here in Australia every time too! I'm flying to Norway next month.
    2 months ago Christopher Vader 5
    Then how are all the other bands doing it?
    2 months ago Michael Gladstone
    Christopher Vader exactly
    2 months ago Jay Ross
    Christopher Vader they have more money behind them possibly and can charge £75 for a ticket to a show that wpyld have been £35/40 previously (NIN I'm looking at you) no anti vaxxers in the band/crew Promotors dont want to take the risk, again big money upfont to the promotor will be the winner here . A lot of european countries wont let you in without proving you have had at least two vaccines its brutal and it sucks.
    2 months ago Christopher Vader
    Jay Ross I see smaller European bands touring the US, smaller American bands touring Europe, European bands touring all over Europe, etc all the time. Everyone is touring and making up for lost time. Hell, Emperor was in Mexico like two weeks ago.
    2 months ago Paula Campbell
    Jay Ross Norway, Sweden, England and some other countries open with no restrictions so that isn't the issue. It's possible maybe they aren't getting offered enough money to offset costs or other people on their team afraid to tour or don't want to deal with Visa restrictions which is happening to European bands trying to play in the U.S.
    2 months ago Christopher Vader
    robin_stone_drums more like one of these bands seems to be missing something all the others have figured out
    2 months ago Christopher Vader 1
    robin_stone_drums Sure thing. They don't owe any of us anything. But blaming the pandemic is silly, as if they're the only band that has experienced a pandemic in the last couple of years.
  • 2 months ago by

    Satyricon & Munch: A powerful meeting
    #munchmuseet #munch #satyricon #satyriconmunch Munchmuseet
    2 months ago Lucie Lucilla Peterová 1
    It was so atmospheric and powerful. The idea with absolute darkness in the room moved the whole exhibition up a level. Thanks for this experience. 🤘
    2 months ago Vegard Svart 2
    Miss my time at 10 floor. What experience it was? The beauty of darkness itself with the soundtrack from Satyricon.
    2 months ago Scott Barnes 1
    Sounding Beautiful can't wait for a cd/ vinyl 😊🙏
    2 months ago Licia Mapelli
    Been there today. A lot of emotions to process. Thank you for this incredible amount of breathtaking beauty.
    2 months ago Czesław Kałuziński
    well guess I know where I'm gonna go on holiday this summer
    2 months ago Carol LeBras
    Laura Morgan Very cool idea and I am sure it is a fantastic viewer experience!
    2 months ago Carlos de Aquino
    Great project, congrats 🤘🏻😈🇳🇴!!!
    2 months ago Gökay Tıbık
    Hi Satyr,
    I suppose we had come across once in 2011 october or november( my head still not clear) at Sao Paulo airport in Brasil. I didn't know you back in then. Now I'm still not %100 sure. And it was so much hard time for me that I was lost inside my brain. I wasn't sure how long I was there it might have been longer than 1 day. And it was so much hard for me to decide anything even changing the bench or even slide over from one side to other. Interesting state of mind. One part rebellious but the other part oppressed by mentally extortions of lost the chance of having possible realities of my loved one(s). In short huge amount of mentally instability without having any chemicals or drugs that I am so much against of usage in my life ( as if frequently live it when some asshole pushing a button from my physically borned shithole country, unfortunate of me). Having several dimensions at once in same place visionary or just mentally. Whatever then one man came in and sat beside me. And we talked each other. I don't remember the details and names. It was not more than 20 minutes I supposed. About place, life and future journey. And he said his Rio flight was getting nearer and had to go, showed his ticket, invited me and end of the conversation. I liked the soul. He was sincere and kind soul. I don't remember the features of his physical appearance in detail, vaguely in physical, but more vivid one was his soul hung around like a halo of the moon. Yes I saw that. Seems like it was so simple and a little experience, But feeling was so intense, deep and unique. I trusted him immediately and interestingly as a known long paced friendship in that short period. That sincere connection was helped me even in a short amount of time cleared my cloudy, hazey mind and gave me hopes of a chance to live the real reality. But it was not enough to manage to get that flight in that suppressed mind of state, I really tried but couldn't able to do it. That special time of moments always hoovering on one part of my mind, still. With lots of possible what ifs'. Whatever this part is my problem. This year I've met with your music and so you. And I possessed and obsessed with two songs of yours , "Walk the Path of Sorrow and Repined Bastard Nation" Since you have still not have the clear copy of walk the path of sorrow I am still wandering around on youtube channel to listen concert videos published by you or fans recorded, professional or not. I learned from this journey coincidentally you have had a tour at the same time at the same places I was got lost inside. I just loved the coincedence. But do not realised and remember anything. After watching your fb videos and that amount of concert videos most probably subconsciously I see and feel your soul. And again instantly something is in, moved on as a lost piece of a puzzle and I recognized you. He was you. Interesting coincidence of after A Little More Than one decade. But as I said before I am not completly sure. It becomes some sort of enigma inside my mind. Well, now about the main theme of this post. I love it so much, music is so dark and dense hope to experienced it before the ending. I am a visual designer so it effects me more differently. Are you considering 360° visually record and releasing it with the new album? Good luck for everthing. Take care yourself and be safe. Looking forward to listen whole album.😊 Hope to see you soon somewhere in some time. Skål and Cheers 🍻🤘😎
    2 months ago Gaetano Ricci
    It could be something that recalls the Wongraven project in the sense of sound 😍


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