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Ladies and gentlemen, this is Satyr checking in. Just wanted to say that we have our last rehearsal today before we kick off “Hærferd Over Norge” at the Opera in Oslo on Sunday. We are excited! Believe me when I say we are looking just as much forward to Hulen in Bergen on Thursday, Haugesund on Friday and Stavanger on Saturday. Look out for a very special guest here and there. It is not a promise. It is a possibility.

The album is ready on Monday I am hoping to get a copy of the album myself today. Remember, the artist is always the last to get it, but I’ll try and change that!

If I may ask all of you a favor; please listen to the album on a proper stereo if you can. The heart and the soul of the album is carried on the shoulders of an analog production. Just thought of it reading a review from a guy who mentioned who could not hear any bass at all. I keep asking myself if they guy is deaf, retarded, both, or if we have actually have music journalists writing reviews on the basis of what comes through their laptop speakers. We shall see you on tour, at record stores and at meet and greets. Thank you for the support, dedication and interest. We read your messages and pay attention.

Greetings from the rest of the band and myself.

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